Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to cancel my subscription?

REALLY easy, you never have a contract, so anytime you wish to cancel simply click this button, and you're done

How easy is the software to set up?

My 10 year old could do it, it's really that easy. Simply find the service you want to add - Facebook, Blog, Twitter etc enter your username and password and you're done. The message centre is exactly like you are used to, with an inbox, compose and sent items... it's a doddle, and if you don't find it a doddle you can cancel anytime by using the link above.

What will my return on investment be?

Great question... but what is your return investment from a conversation you have? Somethings can't be measured in pure ROI form... but what we can GUARANTEE is that you will save time and get more done - now THAT must have a great ROI, huh!

What is the software support like?

Each account comes with email support to The thing is this.... the software is real easy to use, so we don't recon you'll be needing support that much anyway... but for that odd occassion when you do need us, we're here! We also run regular webinars so you can ask those difficult questions to us live - for webinar notifications please enter your details on our contact page.

Can the software look after multiple accounts?

Yes, you can add as many Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc accounts as you like and run them from one place (so long as your package supports the number you wish to add). You can also have 'sub' users with limited access to certain features, great if you want multiple versions of the software for different people in the practice.

What training is provided?

The software is very intuitive to use and we offer full support. We also run frequent webinars for an hour which goes through online marketing principles on the various social networks, these run at different times of the month, so once your account is set up we will contact you to help decide which series of webinars is best for you.

No other online marketing software comes with this kind of offering, so we believe Social Media Borg  is the best value solution