Auto Posting

Let's say you have a favourite blog that you'd like to share with your fans or followers on a regular basis (it could even be your own!). You can easily set Social Media Borg to check the blog at your desired frequency (in the image below I've set it to check the Techcrunch blog every 24 hours).

Social Media borg will then send a link, plus the blog post title to wherever you like... an email list, Facebook, Twitter... but here's the cool bit. Suppose you only want to share blog posts about certain topics, well we can handle that too.

In this example Social Media Borg will only Tweet if the Techcrunch blog mentions Facebook or Twitter (see the inclusion filter setting).

If you point Social Media Borg at your own blog, you can set it to auto Tweet with every blog post... a simple way to put engaging content on to the internet.