The Online Message Management Software for Dental Practices

A powerfully simple and efficient way of managing and scheduling your online marketing from one dashboard.

For Dental Practices Already Marketing Online

Social Media Borg will radically reduce the amount of time you spend online by allowing you to do more by uniting your 'online activity' in to one dashboard so you don't have to keep loggin in to muliple sites, this will allow you to build deeper relationships with more people in order to build your business faster.

For Dental Practices NOT yet Marketing Online

If you are not yet marketing online you are missing out on a HUGE potential, did you know that 46% of the UK population are on Facebook and the fastest growing demographic is over 65s?* What are you doing to reach them?  Social Media Borg is the ideal software to get started and will simplify the whole process for you...

and more...

Discover Local Twitterers

   Schedule Online Marketing in Advance

  Keep your Facebook Page automatically up to date

Automatically Enage with LOCAL Twitterers Looking for a Dentist

Plus loads more,,,

"Love the fact that it all runs on my iPhone :-)"

Dr D Mee

What is Social Media Borg?

Social Media Borg is a high specification eMarketing software for managing Email, SMS and Social Media Campaigns. It unites your online presence in to one simple dashboard, with one inbox, simplicity itself...

"Social Media Borg, saves you time and removes the clutter and disorganisation of social network marketing, ultimately bringing you closer to your patients and prospective patients which allows you to develop meaningful relationships leading to increased profits." Mark Oborn CEO


Manage Multiple Accounts

Manage multiple Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook accounts to have one single inbox. No more multiple logins, save time and effort by checking all accounts in one place. >>more


Brand Monitoring

Read and respond to what people are saying about your brand, practice or treatments such as veneers, invisalign, 6 Month Smiles etc - find out what's hot and what's not with our automated recognition of positive or negative discussion about you and your brand. >>more


RSS Posting

Post your blog automatically to your social networks - saves time and effort >>more

Tracking and Analysis

Track the success of your social media and email campaigns, how many times your message was clicked, retweet, liked and more. >>more

Message Scheduling

Schedule your messages to send as a one-off or on a recurring basis. This allows you to schedule an entire campaign in one go, therefore saving you time each day.>>more


Update multiple blogs all at once and drive more traffic to your website and dental practice. >>more

 * Stats from statistics correct as at 12.10.10